Do you find yourself dating the same guy or girl just in a different body? Are their relationships cycle that you do not believe that you have broken and now the Shit has hit the fan or is about to? Let's Talk about it

Thinking Man on Couch

Liar Liar pants on fires

We have all lied to ourselves at one point or the other. Are you doing now, so severely that you no longer recognize yourself.  How can we start to change that? Lets Talk about it

Girl Lying in Grass

My Journey

You have been up the hill and down the valley and in the process you have learned a great deal, but what did it cost you and what do you wish you knew then that you know now?

Desert View


Does everyone have a different idea of you than you have of yourself?.  Do you think that you are misunderstood

Natural Beauty

I will not stop cheating

Are you cheating with or on someone? Do you want to explore a conversion as to why? Do you want to stop or do you realize that you like it? Let's talk about it


Living with.....

Is there something that you live with everyday and feel as if no one understands? How are you coping or dealing with that reality and what is the other side you want to get to?

Portrait of Young Man